Master Thomas Brewer
2438 Sacramento St
Berkeley CA 94702

(510) 540-5425


Kids Program

Karate for Kids in Berkeley offers a comprehensive martial arts program for children ages 4-5 and 6 & above. These structured classes are designed to bring out the best in your child, while offering ample opportunities for growth and self-discipline.

We understand that all parents desire their children to gain confidence, become more fit and have self-defense skills that will help them success in school and in all social settings. The best way to get started is to come in and get introduced. We want to meet you and learn what your goals are. Our first lesson is a free private class. We do this so there are no distractions or pressure. After this class if your child is interested we schedule another private class to get them ready to take a group class. The third step is to attend a group class and get started on the way to Black Belt.Kuk Sool Won of Berkeley has over 20 years of experience helping adults and families bond and embrace a healthier lifestyle. We do believe in making a difference in your life. For more information, please, contact us.